Employee Purchase Scheme (EPS) Brand Webstore

Technology has become an important part of everyone’s life today and sales through online channel are playing an important and vital role for any brand. At the same time brands have been facing lot of other problems related to supplies, pricing, wrong information etc.

Keeping in mind the importance of this new sales channel & need of providing best services in all aspects to the consumers, many brands have decided to give concentrative effort by reaching out to corporate houses in form of “Employee Purchase Scheme (EPS)”.

Rewardmaster have taken lead by understanding importance of this initiative hence have launched service “EPS Brand Webstore”. Under this by joining hands with many big brands we have started reaching out various corporate houses with a single aim & intention to provide best services to the employees of these corporate houses.

Benefits of EPS Brand Webstore to a Customer:

  • Wider range of products offerings to a customer.
  • Direct brand involvement ensures authenticity to all offerings and services.
  • Better discounts since the products are offered directly by brands saving the channel payouts etc.
  • All services are offered to the customers at their doorstep ensuring ease.

Benefits of EPS Webstores to a Corporate:

  • Special initiative ensures a corporate another touch point with all employees.
  • Corporate can give the entire experience a personalized touch by creating special home pages at a very low cost.
  • Corporate can use this platform to run a special employee incentive / recognition activity.
  • In case corporate decided to have a special home page it can be used for any employee communications like special announcements, birthday wishes, festive wishes etc.

Give us a opportunity to serve you by registering your corporate under this scheme (Click here in case you want our team to reach you for registration)